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Nov. 2005
Submitted by Shannon Bergeron
Lizzy Digging in Sandbox - 3 months old..

Oct. 2005
Our very own "Fat Albert" is scoping out the dishwasher for any tasty leftovers. He looks sad that there is not much to be had.
The photo of the Month for July was submitted by Kairn Parker. Here is what she had to say about her little cutie.

My name is Kairn Parker and my dachshund is a five year black & tan mini by the name of Valentina's Lace or Lacy. I have been doing agility with her and she has her NA (novice standards) & NAJ (Novice Jumpers title) We are working on our Open titles. This was at an AKC agility trial in Lubbock TX

Thank you Kairn for sharing your photo with us!!
April 2005
The photo of the Month for April was submitted by Rob & Kim Blink.Here is what they had to say about their little cutie.

"Here is a picture of Schnitzel. It's tough duty sunning oneself and then having to spend all that energy yawning."
Thank you Rob & Kim for sharing your photo with us!!
Feb. 2005
The Photo of the Month for Feb. was submitted by Jessica Lamont. . Here is what Jessica has to say about this little cutie:
"This is my puppy, Lola. She is an 8 week old red mini short-haired. She is always full of energy and especially likes to play with her "Mr. Piggy" and "Miss Ducky" toys. She also loves to run around, but it's more like a bounce. She is very happy-go-lucky as well. "
Dec. 2004
The Photo of the Month for Dec. was submitted by Jodie Silver. Here is what Jodie has to say about this little cutie:
"Hercules is a three year old long haired dapple. His favorite game is soccer. He learned to play soccer by watching a bunch of Australian shepherds play. The Aussies loved to be goalies and block the soccer ball, and Hercules loved to dribble down the field and take the ball from them. His nick name is the black torpedo. He loves the snow and is a charmer when it comes to cats. His favorite food is all foods even vegetables. At night when its time to settle down there is nothing he would rather do then curl up in your lap and sleep. "
Nov. 2004
The Photo of the Month for Nov. was submitted by Annie Loria of Rancho Cucamonga,CA . Here is what Annie has to say about her little cutie:
"This is my pride and joy! her name is Greta! She is seven years old....but we still consider her our little "baby." We decided to dress her up in the perfect Halloween costume this year....a little princess! Thank you for giving my family and I an opportunity to share our little princess with everyone! "
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