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The Dachshund breed`s small, short body was originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers. The compact body and confidence this breed sports allows them to be agile and fierce in the small confines of a badger`s den. They like to hunt and dig, they will catch a scent and go after it with gusto. The Dachshund is very bold, usually fears little and makes a great little "watch dog" . Despite their adventurous nature they make wonderful pets. They are very loyal to their owners and most are great with family children. Some will nip at children they do not know. Most are stand-offish with strangers. They are independent but will join in family activities whenever given a chance. They have lots of energy and like to play. Once it is time to wind down though they love to sit in your lap and cuddle. Although they can live outdoors in warm weather, they do best sleeping inside. If allowed to sleep with you in bed many of them love to "burrow" under the covers and will keep you warn on a cold winter`s night. Although active, the Dachshund's exercise requirements can be met with moderate walks on a leash and games in the yard. It is amenable to city life or apartment living, but it is still a hunter at heart and enjoys forays outdoors.READ MORE